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Energy savings is not the only reason to buy a more efficient home—we like to say that it simply helps provide the funding. The same features that make the home efficient also make it healthier and more comfortable. Since the home is so tight, the quality of indoor air is much easier to control in even the most extreme weather and the home is quieter and safer. Up to 40% of the energy loss in a standard new home is simply from air leakage, so Ezell-Morgan pressure tests every home to measure it. Ezell-Morgan has reduced the air leakage 7-fold to the point where the industry considers the home airtight! But here's the real bonus—reducing air leakage is also critical to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Uncontrolled leakage will contaminate indoor air with dust, pollen, mold spores, insects and car exhaust. Ezell-Morgan homes incorporate an energy-efficient whole house ventilation system to bring in just the right amount of filtered, fresh air. This helps to control humidity and maintain the highest level of indoor air quality.

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