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Water Saving Features

Water and sewer rates in Lawrence are skyrocketing and will continue to do so. Water/sewer cost is now about 1₵ per gallon. If it is hot water, the cost is about 2₵ per gallon. 

Smart Irrigation Control

Any conversation about saving water must start with the #1 user—yard irrigation. Summer watering bills can easily cost $200-$300. How much water does your yard need? The simple answer is, it depends. Wouldn’t it be nice to have system that figures out the right amount of water your yard needs depending on weather conditions, both past and forecast, soil type, yard slope, sun exposure, time of year, etc.?

Such a system already exists. It uses your home’s Wi-Fi network to access the latest weather data for your location and uses a detailed algorithm to determine how much and how often your yard needs water. No need for expensive rain gauges or soil sensors. You can access the system from the controller mounted in the garage, your home computer or your smart phone. It also tells you how much rain you have received in the last 24 hours and the current temperature. The system is also much more user friendly than standard irrigation controllers.

Low-Flow Toilets

Toilet technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. New low flow toilets work well and pay for themselves. EPA estimates that about 27% of household water use is from toilets. Older style 3.5 gallon-per-flush (gpf) toilets will use about 6,400 gallons per year. Ezell- Morgan recommends dual-flush toilets that use either 1.6 or 1.28 gallons of water per flush. 

Fast Hot Water

ΞFast Hot Water™

In many homes it can take 2-3 minutes for a particular faucet to “warm up”. In the past some builders have installed hot water recirculation lines to help alleviate the problem, but these systems are now illegal in most states due to their extreme inefficiency.

Ezell-Morgan has designed a hot water recirculation system that incorporates the latest technology in circulation pumps and delivers hot water in 5 seconds or less to every hot water appliance in the home. This system saves water as well as the energy used to heat it. It circulates hot water through a well-insulated loop that is driven by a tiny water pump specifically designed for the purpose. The pump features a built in thermostat that shuts it off when the water is up to temperature. The pump is smart and remembers your patterns of use to anticipate when you will need hot water. It also features a vacation mode that shuts the pump off if 48 hours go by with no hot water use.

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